Liberty Bank settles loan ‘redlining’ suit

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The Bank was sued in U.S. District Court by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center Inc., which charged the $4.8 billion-asset lender with redlining practices designed to block home loan access in predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods in the Hartford and New Haven metro areas.As part of the settlement, Liberty agreed to allocate an additional $10 million to its Good Neighbor.

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In a surprise win for state regulators over the banking industry, For the story, see cuomo subpoenas 14 loan modifiers, Plans Lawsuit.. First Financial, Inc.; Raymond Lewis & Fitch, Inc.; Settled For Less, Inc.;. it has the liberty to slash homeowners' monthly payments and even the principal they owe.

The Department of Justice recently announced the settlement of a suit against a Midwestern bank for "redlining" violations that affected a predominantly African American population living in.

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The U.S. Department of Justice announced earlier this week that it has reached an agreement with KleinBank, a state-chartered Minnesota bank, to settle the redlining lawsuit that the DOJ filed against the bank in January 2017, only a week before President Trump’s inauguration. The agreement represents the first fair lending settlement entered into by the DOJ under the Trump administration.

Middletown mutual lender Liberty Bank has pledged another $15 million in loans and grants to step up its mortgage lending, including opening a loan office in Hartford, to settle unfair lending claims.

The Connecticut Fair Housing Center and the National Consumer Law Center today filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut against Liberty Bank, alleging that the bank has violated the fair housing act by engaging in unlawful "redlining" of predominantly African-American and Latinx neighborhoods in the greater.

Liberty Bank is voluntarily settling a lawsuit by fair lending. last fall filed a lawsuit alleging the bank violated the Fair Housing Act by "redlining". Middletown-based Liberty Bank has been accused of "redlining" in a. [Business ] Report: Purdue offering to settle opioid lawsuits for $10B to.