The VA and the FDA are keeping veterans from a helpful treatment option, just because it’s marijuana

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Drug Testing and Your VA The Policy "Informed Consent" are the words you need to know. Any time a health care provider does something that may cause you pain, injury or any sort of awkward social embarrassment or employment problems, you have the right to be fully informed up front as well as the right to refuse treatments or tests.

Barriers to Effective PTSD Treatment. Despite efforts to increase access to appropriate mental health care, many military veterans continue to face barriers to getting PTSD treatment. The largest single barrier to timely access to care, according to a VA audit, is the lack of provider appointment availability.

 · The VA and the FDA Are Keeping Veterans from a Helpful Treatment Option, Just Because It’s Marijuana By Trevor Burrus This article appeared in the Washington Examiner on.

 · In states where medical marijuana is legal, the VA’s existing policy allows for veterans and their care providers to candidly discuss cannabis use as part of their overall treatment plan.

Although the VA does not endorse or prescribe medical marijuana, veterans can legally access marijuana in states that have legalized medical marijuana without ramifications from the VA. It is important to learn about the risks of any treatment, it is also important to understand the vast differences in treatment options and types of strains.

Because PTSD and other trauma reactions change how a trauma survivor feels and acts, traumatic experiences that happen to one member of a family can affect everyone else in the family. When trauma reactions are severe and go on for some time without treatment, they can cause major problems in a family.

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Vets with PTSD - Marijuana Laws & the VA Politicians Push VA Secretary to Study medicinal cannabis 6.. walz and his cohorts want the VA’s scientific research wing to study medical marijuana as a treatment option for chronic pain and PTSD.. Just because the government is getting involved, you’ve already discounted its.

VA Admits It "Can Look At Marijuana As An Option For Treating Veterans". The update to the webpage comes as Shulkin and the department are under increasing pressure on medical cannabis and completely unrelated issues. A group of members of Congress are pushing the VA to allow its physicians to recommend medical cannabis, or at least to refer veterans to studies on the drug’s potential.